Error Management and Prevention

DBDOC comes with an amazing suite of troubleshooting and analysis tools.

Essential reports and summaries are automatically built into the system snapshot. See specs right on documents, and browse from the report directly to the right place in the configuration. Reports include:

  • Lists and displays of unused tags
  • Unconfigured graphics
  • Blocks with no source in the configuration
  • Unused alarm tags
  • Many more...

DBDOC checks your system for hundreds of configuration errors in your drawings, graphics and databases. DBDOC helps you prevent problems and clean up your system by reporting potentially serious errors like adapt block errors, lost sources and missing tags. You can view these errors in Hyperview using the integrated Error Browser.

  • Organize, filter and sort errors interactively.
  • Click on errors to display relevant locations in graphics, configuration, or databases.
  • Mark errors as "reviewed" or flag them for extra attention.
  • Hide errors or categories of errors to get them out of the way if they are not important.
  • Access integrated error documentation.

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