Adding Welcome dall Headers in S+ and PGP Graphics

Adding Welcome dall Headers in S+ and PGP Graphics

To add headings at the top, bottom, left or right side of an SPO (S+) or PGP graphic, custom edits are used to overlay a Welcome_Dall file on appropriate graphics.

  1. welcome_dall_base takes one path argument to shorten the paths for all further welcome_dall commands. For example: welcome_dall_base "<path>\display\bin"
  2. welcome_dall takes three args:
    1. the side it's on [(T)op, (B)ottom, (L)eft, (R)ight],
    2. the regex pattern to match, and
    3. the filepath (or shortened filepath re: welcome_dall_base)

The regex comparisons are case-insensitive. Note that the spaces in some of these custom edits just after welcome_dall are required to retain the order they're listed once they're copied into BuildPlus, since the first relevant command is followed.

Examples of custom edits:

welcome_dall "T",,"\U23 NEW with MW NET\WELCOME_DALL.UCBG"
welcome_DALL_base "C:\...\BHP_DWG\Graphics\U23_Graphics_Dec72014\U23_work\WelcomeDall"
welcome_dall  "B","^138_kv_swgr_bus_1.*\.G$","WELCOME_DALL_INDX32_NAV1.G"
welcome_dall "B","^1.*\.G$","WELCOME_DALL_INDX32_NAV1.G"
welcome_dall  "B","^138_kv_swgr_bus_2.*\.G$","WELCOME_DALL_INDX32_NAV2.G"
welcome_dall "B","^2.*\.G$","WELCOME_DALL_INDX32_NAV2.G"