General build reports

General build reports

BuildPlus generates a number of reports from each build of your system. Most are generated as files in the project folder, and some are found in Hyperview, in the table of contents.

DECOMPOSER# folders (one for each .ebp file in the build. To see which DECOMPOSER folder refers to each Composer .ebp database, refer to ComposerDir.txt):

  • CFGFiles.txt lists all .cfg files for the Composer .ebp database.
  • Decomposer.err and Decomposer.err.UNI contain Decomposer errors and warnings as listed in the sub-process window during the build.
  • DISDirs.txt lists <ConductorVMS graphics folder name>, "<Description from the folder's console.cfg file>" or is empty if there are no ConductorVMS graphics.

DOC folder: for AC 800M, including doc_file_processing.log

ERRORS folder: contains a MOST RECENT folder, and dated folders for each build (as long as the option to Archive Project Error Files is on). Each folder contains files for errors not appearing in error browser, as well as ZIP.TXT and ERROR.7Z and the dated folders contain archived dmpcfg files.

EXPORTS folder:

FC folder: contains copies of the function code documentation files, if they were included in the build or added manually

LOGS folder contains a log of each build of the project and a log of all the subprocess messages for the build.

MOC folder contains management of change files. See Management Of Change (MOC)

PDF folder contains doc.xml files for debugging PDF processing

SPO folder contains deobfuscated forms of SPO .mimic and .bin files for internal use and client support.

TAG folder:

  • XLS# folders contain file xlsx2csv_.err which logs information related to processing each xls or xlsx file, and also .csv files extracted from each sheet of the .xls or .xlsx file
  • GPI, HGS, HPG folders when these mdb files are built, containing one subfolder for each mdb
  • Files in the MDBn and TDTn folders are explained under Extracted and synthesized "flattened" databases
  • Other files may include attribute (.att) files if AutoCAD drawings were included in the build.

Other build report files

It is possible to include text files generated by DBDOC in a build.

It may also be possible to extract a list of all IREF's and OREF's into a file. For more information contact GMCL.