Creating a BuildRoot

Creating a BuildRoot actually creates a new working directory, where projects will be stored. The first time BuildPlus is run, it will automatically ask you to create a BuildRoot. BuildPlus creates several fairly large working files, so put your BuildRoot on a disk with plenty of space.

On the File menu, click New BuildRoot. The Create BuildRoot dialog allows you to enter a root path or browse to find one. If you just enter a folder name, BuildPlus creates it on the disk with the most space.

Buildplus new build root.PNG

Each BuildRoot needs to have the correct code page value assigned. This should be the same encoding that is used for your INFI 90 files. The default already selected is the code page your system uses, and is usually correct.

Clicking on the Options button allows you to change BuildRoot Options.

It may be useful to share the BuildRoot, so that Hyperview users can look at the source files created during the build. If you use a shared folder and UNC naming, such as \\BuildComputer\BuildRoot, then Hyperview users who have permission to view that shared folder will be able to access those source files through Hyperview from other computers. The folder's share name must not have any spaces. For instance, \\BuildComputer\BuildRoot will work fine, but \\BuildComputer\Build root will not work.

BuildRoots created by users with administrative privileges are not accessible to users without administrative privileges (on Windows Vista and later systems). Users without administrative privileges should create new BuildRoots that are not within the directories created by those with administrative privileges. Upon attempts to create BuildRoots in paths that the user does not have permission to write to, BuildPlus will suggest a path based on your intended path but within the user's writeable home directory.

Deleting a BuildRoot

On the File menu, move to Delete BuildRoot. Select the BuildRoot you wish to delete.

When asked "Are you sure?" if you click Yes, the BuildRoot will be deleted, removing it from the BuildPlus menu. All projects in the BuildRoot are also deleted (but not the project files). The BuildRoot folder will not be deleted; you will need to delete it manually.

Changing BuildRoot options

BuildRoot Options apply to all projects in the BuildRoot. (Global options apply to all projects on the build computer, and Project Options apply only to the open project.)

To access BuildRoot options, on the Tools menu click on BuildRoot Options.

Buildplus default build root options.PNG

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