REDAI both inputs same block [CHECK 072]

REDAI both inputs same block [CHECK 072]

REDAI Module 20,03,02 Block 4673 with both inputs from same block Module 20,03,02 Block 452 cannot synthesize quality

When a REDAI block has both inputs from same block, the block does nothing because the output tracks the input value and quality. If the input has quality, so will the output. However, if the input does not have quality, the output will never be changed to bad quality, so testing it is misleading. The specifications allow bad quality to be introduced on detection of a rate of change problem. If both S5 and S6 are reasonable, the quality will be set bad if the rate of change (units per second) of the inputs exceeds the sum of S5 and S6 (the deadband parameter). Clearly, the deadband should be less than the rate of change limit. If you see this message with what looks like a valid value of S5, you will find that S6 is not a valid deadband value.

Error 72.png

This message shows a potential error in the system configuration, although most such errors prove to be harmless. It should be reviewed and hidden, unless it shows an issue that should be addressed.

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