Some of the error types in this file have been converted to be displayed in the Error Browser, and are documented at the links below:

The error types in this file that have not yet been converted are documented here:

Missing submodel {696627A6-5D4B-42A0-B473-9B6C7EBA2AB8}.ctl - not extracted in INFI90Harmon583DA1C9C23D4A.StationRead_

The usual sources of this error are:

  1. Failure to include all symbols used in the DBDOC paths
  2. The symbol may be obsolete, but the graphics using it are unchanged
  3. The symbol may have been lost or not shipped by a supplier

Our DBDOC picture of the graphic will not be valid if you have missing symbols or submodels.

DBDOC actually makes links to these missing symbols for you. For the example above, you can see this here.

No tool error reports 35.png

The Missing Symbols Index actually lists all missing symbols, and each symbol has a list and link to the graphics it is supposed to be found on. DBDOC thus makes it easy to find where these symbols are on the graphic so you can solve the problem that the missing symbol represents.

No tool error reports 36.png

If you end up with numerous missing symbols, it is probable that your build is not completely valid. Work with us to resolve the problem so DBDOC will be the most use to you.