Selecting Viewing Options

Selecting Viewing Options

You are able to choose the way in which the data on your selected points is displayed on the screen. Choose View from the menu and select either Debug View or Export View; a checkmark will appear beside your chosen view.

Ciulink 5.jpg

Debug View

In this particular view, data is displayed as a series of requests that CIULink puts out to CIUMON and the responses it receives back. The outgoing messages are shown in blue and incoming responses are shown in green.

Ciulink 6.png

In this example, we are requesting information for Module 1,01,01 Block 1591 and Module 1,01,01 Block 4140 and have subsequently received three responses back from CIUMON with outputs from those points in our system.

Export View

In this view, data is shown in a tabular format and its saved log is more compatible for import into other applications, such as Microsoft® Excel. The log that is created from this view (discussed below) uses commas as delimiters to distinguish between the different columns.

Ciulink 7.png

Here, the responses are shown for Blocks 1591 and 4140. In this particular case, we are requesting data every 1 second; the timestamps reflect the response time of the first and last data points received. If a response has not been detected by CIULink by the time the next response is to be sent, MISSING will appear in the respective data position. Information-noshadow.png Note: Additional data points may be added while monitoring; however, deletions are not allowed until monitoring has stopped.

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