Adjusting CIUMon's timing

Adjusting CIUMon's timing

When CIUMon requests data, it first sends a request for the CIU to fetch the desired value. Usually the data is not ready immediately, so CIUMon has to send a second request for the CIU to respond with the fetched value. The delay between these two requests is fixed at 50ms and is not adjustable.

If the data was not returned, then CIUMon retries up to the number of times specified by Number of Retries. The interval between consecutive requests is set by the Response Retry Delay.

The default Response Retry Delay is 60 milliseconds. In systems where the CIU is used with RoviSys Turbo, this may be too short. Lengthening the delay can reduce the number of times CIUMon requests each value, which can improve performance. In other systems, the CIU may have the data ready in less than 110 ms. In this case, shortening the delay can improve throughput slightly.

To change the response retry delay

  1. On the Options menu, click Settings....
  2. In the Response Retry Delay box, type the new response retry delay (in milliseconds).