Some of the error types in this file have been converted to be displayed in the Error Browser, and are documented at the links below:

The error types in this file that have not yet been converted are documented here:

There are a variety of messages that indicate errors related to Adapt blocks which will appear in Execute mode. We check that parameters are legal targets for adapt blocks and tell you if illegal ones are used:

Adapt block Module 1,04,31 Block 22325 on drawing 1040379:  Adapted block 0 does not exist
Adapt block reference does not exist
Failed to find target block for adapt block 

Impact: If you compile these blocks, you will get no errors. However, when you download and change mode to Execute, the module will go into Error mode (flashing Green status LED) showing one of these error indications:

  • LED 1+3 ON. Module Status Report: Config Error - Undefined Block, or
  • LED 2+3 ON. Module Status Report: Config Error - Input Data Type Incorrect,
  • with xx = Block # Making Reference (xx = Block Number of the Adapt).

Solution: Change mode to Configure and correct the error, compile and download again. Of course, take care of all errors of this class first.

Note: Some of these messages can be especially difficult to comprehend. We had clients experiment with an adapt block that was applied to an alarm specification, documented as illegal. Here were the results:

  • If the adapt situation already existed, the redundant module could be loaded and the module would go into execute properly.
  • If the adapt situation was new, as when the logic was cloned on another sheet, it would compile and load. However, in the new situation, the module would fail to go into execute mode.

Please contact GMCL for assistance with resolving these messages. We might need to ask for files that cause these messages for analysis.