The error types in this file have not yet been converted to work with the error browser.

The function generator x values default to 4 E6 or 9.2 E18, depending on whether the block is created by WInCAD or Composer. The y values default to 0.0.

These "default" values are, in fact, used. If a function goes (0,0), (100,100), (4 E6,0) it will get to 0.0 for large x values. Since they are supposed to specify a working range, and because the input value of 107 (for example) will give an output of very close to 100, this is not normally a problem.

However, sometimes people assume that all large numbers are defaults, thus unused. This is not the case. If somebody uses the above three sets, they get clamping. Output is between 0.0 and 100.0 for all input values.

If, instead, they use (0,0), (100,100), (4 E6,4 E6), they will NOT get the clamping action that is probably intended. Instead, the output will track the input right up to 4,000,000. This is often an error.

--Scanning drawing 67003A2
F(x) Module 2,170,04 Block 2033 uses default spec values: output for large input values may be unexpected.
( S2, S3)       -200.0        -20.0
( S4, S5)          0.0          0.0
( S6, S7)        600.0         60.0
( S8, S9)        720.0         72.0
(S10,S11)       4E+006       4E+006
(S12,S13)       4E+006       4E+006

The F(x) looks like this:

Fc001 default.png

In DBDOC, default specs are defined as X>=4.0e6 and Y=0.