Viewing search results

Viewing search results

On the View Menu, click Search Results..., or click the Tool search results.jpg button on the toolbar.

After a search is complete, you can return to the Search Results dialog box at any time to view other topics that appeared in the search results. See Searching the system for a word or phrase and Searching for a block or tag in the database for explanations on how to perform searches.

No tool search results window.png

  • Click column headers to sort search results by that column (except for Hit Strings).
  • File: Gives you the options to Save your search results to a text file or Exit the dialog box.
  • Topics are listed in title order, and can be re-sorted by clicking on the column headers. Columns can be re-sized by clicking and dragging on their header borders. You can select a topic to view by clicking on it, and then clicking on the Go To button. You can also jump to a topic by simply double clicking on it.
  • Information-noshadow.png Note: Sometimes Hit Strings may show the text: [Click to show Hit Strings -- This may be slow!]. This occurs when the processing involved in finding the Hit Strings will likely take a few seconds, and thus was not performed during the search itself. Click on the text, and it will be replaced with the actual Hit String.
    • Hit strings before click.png
    • Hit strings after click.png
  • Show Result Source: This is enabled only after a Database Search. Using Go To on search result will open the tag's source instead of its database page. This is checked by default.
  • Keep Open: Keeps the dialog box open while you move around the different topics.
  • Go To: Jump to the currently selected topic in the list. The Search Results dialog box will close when you perform a Go To unless you have the Keep Open box checked. You can close the Search Results dialog box at any time, without unchecking this box. Your search results will be retained until you search for something else. To re-open the Search Results dialog box after you’ve closed it, select the Search Results item from the View menu or press the Search Results button Tool search results.jpg on the toolbar.
  • Show All: If you have limited the maximum number of search results that are to be displayed (done via the menu choice Options and the View tab or on the Advanced properties in the Full Text Search option ) then you can press this button to display all the results. When there are more search results than are shown, the search term text will appear in red as shown in the example above.
  • Close button: Dismiss the Search Results dialog box. You can close the Search Results dialog box at any time. Your search results will be retained until you search for something else.
  • Search Again: Click this to bring up the full text search dialog to better specify your search criteria. Any of the previous settings that you had selected for your search will be restored in the dialog to allow you to quickly refine your search without re-specifying your previous search parameters.

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