GIO LMM2: Group I/O Definition(IMLMM02) [FC107]

GIO LMM2: Group I/O Definition(IMLMM02) [FC107]


Spec Description
S1Slave address for group definition
S2Slave address for logic station
S3Additional block count for group address
S5Definition of group 0
S6Definition of group 1
S7Definition of group 2
S8Definition of group 3
S9Definition of group 4
S10Definition of group 5
S11Definition of group 6
S12Definition of group 7
S13Definition of group 8
S14Definition of group 9
S15Definition of group 10
S16Definition of group 11
S17Definition of group 12
S18Definition of group 13
S19Definition of group 14
S20Definition of group 15
S21Definition of group 16
S22Definition of group 17
S23Definition of group 18
S24Definition of group 19
S25Definition of group 20
S26Definition of group 21
S27Definition of group 22
S28Definition of group 23


Block Type Description
N Bit Slave and station status
N + [group no. x (8+S3)] + point in group Bit Value of point in block

"+S3)]+pointingroup" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.