Building in AC 800M

Building in AC 800M

DBDOC support for the AC 800M system was added in version 11.4.

Extracting your AC 800M data

Currently DBDOC can parse data extracted from your AC 800M interface as Word .doc or .docx files. Below are the instructions for Control Builder, though they may also work for (and we are also actively working on support for) other applications and portions of AC 800M systems, such as Hardware and Function Designer.

  1. Open your project in Control Builder and expand to the section you wish to export
  2. Right-click on the selection for export and choose "Documentation..."
  3. Choose a folder to save the .doc export in
  4. Microsoft Word will automatically open, you can close it; the file should already be saved in the folder you specified.

Control builder m pro export.png

Building your AC 800M data into DBDOC

  1. Open up a new or existing DBDOC project in BuildPlus.
  2. The System File Specifications window should have a field for specifying the folder your .doc exports can be found in.
    1. In a new project, this will automatically pop open the System File Specifications dialog
    2. In an existing project, Build -> System File Specifications...
  3. Continue through the wizard and let the project build.

Get in touch

At the first sign of trouble or confusion, or if you have any feature requests or example data we don't handle yet, contact GMCL. Support for AC 800M in DBDOC builds is under very active development, and we would be very happy to learn more and get DBDOC support for you AC 800M system as complete as possible.