Getting Help in BuildPlus

Getting Help in BuildPlus

There are many ways to access DBDOC help from BuildPlus.

Contacting GMCL

E-mail for license updates
E-mail for technical support
Phone 1-866-438-2101 Toll Free in US/Canada
Phone (+1) 780 438 2101
Fax (+1) 780 437 3367
Web Support

We provide virtually 24x7 support coverage.

Choosing Help from the BuildPlus main menu


On the Help menu, click Contents

This jumps to the contents (or first) page of the help file.


On the Help menu, click Index

This jumps to the index page of the help file.

Search for Help on

On the Help menu, click Search for Help on.

This jumps to the search page of the help file.

Go to GMCL help website

On the Help menu, click Go to GMCL help website.

This launches your default browser and goes to the Help page on the GMCL website.

Display BuildPlus .nod file location...

On the Help menu, click Display BuildPlus .nod file location....

This displays the location of crucial files pertaining to projects and BuildRoots. For more information, contact GMCL.

(This is also the location of DBDOC_Components.txt, when the Tool Enumerate DBDOC Components is applied.)

Command Line Help

On the Help menu, click Command Line Help.

This shows you the command to use to build the current project from the command line. You can select options to change the way your build will occur.

There are many ways to use this command. For example, you might set up a scheduled build, or configure a batch file to run a DBDOC build.

Using ? button on dialog boxes

At any time it is available, contextual help can be obtained by clicking on the ? box in the top right corner of the dialog box, and then clicking on the subject you are wondering about.

Using What's This from the toolbar

On the BuildPlus toolbar, click on Buildplus whatsthisbutton.png, then click on the item you need help with.