Override on input [INFO 122]

Override on input [INFO 122]

Override on input LABEL, Module 1,01,02 Block 1001: value forced to 1

In a ladder system, this message shows that the configuration loads the variable shown as being in override. This may not be a problem, but gives you a checklist.

In a CAD or Composer system, this message is generated by our rung block processing. You will want to verify that the logic makes sense.


Override on input S10, Module 1,11,02 Block 6265: value forced to 1

This message tells you that a rung block input has been overridden to make its value 0 or 1. This is not an error, but a checklist. The people responsible for the plant usually want to keep track of all overrides. This report exists for that purpose, so the overrides are not forgotten and invisible.

You can see from the example that this can just be a simple means to avoid setting the controlling spec to the correct value. In the example, specifications 11 through 21 should be set to 000, which would disable the unwired inputs.

No tool error reports 41.png

Note how Hyperview shows overridden inputs with the value they are set to. In this case, the unwired inputs are set to "1", so the AND chain will work.

This message reports system information that is otherwise difficult or impossible to find.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.