F(x) graph is flat (unwired) [COSMETIC 036]

F(x) graph is flat (unwired) [COSMETIC 036]

F(x) Module 1,01,02 Block 1001 graph is flat but unwired - value 7.5E-005

The function entered gives the same output (constant value stated) for all input values. This may not be what you want. Since the block is unwired, it has no affect on the process. Whether or not it should be wired is another question.

Error 36.png

Since the y value for all values x is constant, (in the case of the above diagram, 8.8601),
the output of this block will be, under any conditions, the constant.

This message shows a cosmetic issue that is probably not an error. It may be used to make the system tidier.

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