Determining signal quality from line color

Determining signal quality from line color

About signal quality

Some signals in the configuration can have an extra attribute, "quality" in addition to having a value. This quality can be tested, and used to determine the validity of a signal.

Quality line colors

As of DBDOC 10.4, lines representing signals on CAD and CLD diagrams indicate the presence of quality on a signal by being blue or purple.

When live data is not active for a document, a blue line indicates that a signal has quality, but not whether the quality is bad or good (since that depends on the live quality value). When live data is enabled for a document, a blue line indicates that quality is present, and also that it is good. Bad quality is indicated with a purple line. When live data is enabled but stale, these colors are dulled to differentiate from fresh live data.


Function codes with quality

Not all signals have a quality attribute. The outputs of the following function codes do have quality attributes, so they may have quality.

Function Code Outputs with Quality
(N is the base block number)
Outputs without Quality
(N is the base block number)
FC25, FC26, FC27, FC28, FC29, FC30, FC41, FC42, FC43, FC44, FC45, FC48, FC67, FC95, FC96, FC97, FC114, FC121, FC122, FC131, FC145, FC150, FC158, FC177, FC178, FC179, FC182, FC193, FC194, FC211, FC212, FC216, FC222, FC223, FC224, FC225, FC229, FC241 Single Output none
FC46, FC63, FC64, FC84, FC137, FC138, FC185, FC186, FC221, FC227 All none
FC55 N through N+5 N+6 through N+9
FC79 N through N+8 N+9
FC102, FC103, FC109 N N+1 through N+3
FC104 N N+1 through N+2
FC130 N through N+1 N+2 through N+3
FC132 N through N+4 N+5
FC149 N through N+6 N+7
FC205 N through N+7 none
FC206 N through N+7 none
FC207 N none
FC210 N+1 through N+32 N and N+33 through N+35 (This is the only function that has quality, but not on the base block).
FC228 N N+1
FC230 N through N+13 N+14 through N+16
CLIF FC239 N through N+13
CLIF FC240 N through N+14
FC242 N through N+15 N+16
FC247 N through N+11 N+12
FC248 N through N+19 none


  1. Some function codes have communication quality only, i.e. the output will show bad quality if communications fail: FC28 block N; FC29 block N; FC44 block N; FC46 block N through N+7; FC95 block N; FC130 block N through N+1; FC131 block N; FC178 block N; FC221 block N, N+1; FC227 block N, N+1.
  2. Some function codes import quality and have communication quality: FC25 block N; FC26 block N; FC41 block N; FC42 block N; FC63 block N through N+7; FC64 block N-N+7; FC121 block N; FC122 block N; FC205 block N-N+7; FC206 block N-N+7; FC207 block N
  3. Some function codes propagate the quality of input S1: FC30 block N; FC45 block N; FC48 block N; FC67 block N
  4. FC211 propagates quality of S3, S4 or is set by quality override
  5. Some function codes propagate quality from S1 or S2 and generate quality: FC96; FC97
  6. CLIF FC239 and FC240 propagate quality: for details see fcconstraints.txt

Testing quality

Related error situations DBDOC routinely checks for:

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