DBDOC build system hardware performance requirements

DBDOC build system hardware performance requirements

There are no hard and fast system performance requirements for running the DBDOC Build System, but more memory, faster storage, and more single-threaded CPU speed will speed up your builds.


  • More is better, 6 GB recommended for large systems.
  • Doubling RAM can reduce build time by as much as a factor of five, due to the significant slowdown that can result if you run out of RAM during a build.

CPU Speed

  • Increasing the CPU clockspeed has a linear effect.
  • The build system is mostly single-threaded, so additional CPU cores will unfortunately not help very much. They will only speed up builds if the build process was otherwise being interrupted by other processes on the system (especially Windows itself), which is to say, you should still have at least 2 CPU cores, optimally 4. This is inevitable with any CPUs from the past decade, but worth noting when allocating resources for a virtual machine.

Storage Speed

  • Compared to HDD storage, SSD storage can speed up DBDOC builds greatly, at a level varying from noticeable (say, 25%) to dramatic (400% in some cases) depending on the type of data being built for your system. This primarily applies to the buildroot; while faster speeds on the source of data being built into the project will have some effect, it's in random write performance that builds can most get bottlenecked.