AutoCAD Color Map

AutoCAD Color Map

AutoCAD color map: colors used in AutoCAD drawings and colors changed for better visibility

The AutoCAD color report shows all the colors (with RGB values) which are used in your AutoCAD and Microstation drawings. This report can be found in the System Information chapter of the Table of Contents.

Because DBDOC changes the background of such drawings to be white instead of black (for better printing), some colors may not show up as well in Hyperview as they do on your workstations. For example, you may wish to map a light green color to a darker green color. The following line might appear in your report:

No tool autocad color 1.png

Here is an example of a color change on an AutoCAD drawing:

No tool autocad color map 3.png

When you build your project with BuildPlus, you can optionally change these colors. The AutoCAD color report shown in Hyperview documents those changes.

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