Loading, Saving and Deleting Tag Lists

Loading, Saving and Deleting Tag Lists

You may have instances in which you wish to monitor different sets of points at different times. CIULink allows you save different lists of points so that you do not have delete and enter your different points each time you want to switch between data points. You can also export your list of points so that you can view them on another computer, or in Hyperview's Watch Window. All of the tag list options are located under the File menu.

Specify the points you want to monitor in CIULink with the Tag Name Lookup option under Tag Monitoring.

Save your points to different lists and load the appropriate one for viewing when desired. After you have entered in a set of points using the Tag Name Lookup dialog, save them in a list by selecting Save Tag List from under the File menu.

Ciulink 13.png Shows the name of the currently loaded list at the top as well as highlighting it in the list. Choose an existing list name to save your current set of points to or type in a new name in the edit box provided.

Switch between sets of points by selecting File | Load Tag List. This option will only be enabled if you are not currently monitoring in CIULink. Choose the appropriate tag list from the list that appears in the dialog. There is a special option in the list named (Blank Taglist) - this will let you start a fresh blank tag list in CIULink.

Delete obsolete lists of tags with the Delete Tag List menu option. Again, this option will only be enabled if monitoring is turned off.

Ciulink 14.png Choose the list that you want to delete and click the Delete button. The actual deletion of the chosen list(s) does not occur until you press the OK button.

On all tag list dialogs is the Review List button that gives you the chance to see what points have been included in a particular list. Highlight the name of a tag list in a given dialog box and click the button. Another window will open up showing the points contained within the chosen list:

Ciulink 15.png

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