Choosing where to save logged data

Choosing where to save logged data

You are required to choose a path in which to save your logged data. If you know the path you wish to save data to you can type it in manually.

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Hitting the Browse button will let you navigate to a directory where you wish to save your data to. An example of the Browse dialog box is shown in the image below.

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Once you have chosen a directory to log your data to it will be saved to a file in the directory specified.

If you are in Export View your data will be saved to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. This data displays very nicely in Microsoft® Excel. The default name for your log file is as follows:

CIULink_<Taglist Name Being Monitored>_<Date if option is chosen>.csv

For example,

CIULink_Bichem Tag Set_2-26-2008.CSV

To have the date appended to your filename, click the Append the date to the log's filename.

The Reset button sets the path in the textbox back to the default and also selects the Append the date to the log's filename checkbox.

There is an additional option at the bottom of the dialog box, Delete all existing data from the specified log file. Checking this option will clear all values present in the log file selected.

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