How many documents can I build?

How many documents can I build?

The practical limit is in the range of 30,000 documents, but depends on many factors.

To see how many documents you are licensed to build:

  1. Start BuildPlus.
  2. In the Help menu, click DBDOC License.
  3. The number of documents you are licensed to build is stated in the first line.

The following document types are counted toward your build:

  • CAD files / Sheets in CLD files
  • Process Portal B / Operate IT / Conductor NT models (but not submodels)
  • SODG Graphics (but not symbols)
  • Ladder (each counts for 50 documents)
  • AutoCAD, MicroStation and embedded PDF sheets (each counts for 1/3 of a document, rounded up)
  • Batch files
  • 800xA VB v.5 graphics
  • S+ and PGP graphics (but not submodels/symbols)
  • 800xA PG2 graphics extracted via the Assyst tools
  • AC 800M table topics

The following document types are not counted toward your build:

  • Linked PDF & TIFF files
  • Text files
  • AC 800M diagram pages

The build process counts the number of documents. The number of graphics included in the document count is not allowed to exceed the number of configuration documents. The hyperlink compilation is terminated if the licensed document count is exceeded. It is your option to either reduce your build set or opt for a larger license. For time limited licenses, a warning is displayed if there are 30 days or less remaining in the license.