Import Module Status is wired but non-functional [CHECK 174]

Import Module Status is wired but non-functional [CHECK 174]

Input Module Status on Module 1,01,02 Block 28600 (FC 132) is wired but non-functional

When linked, AIS/FBS: Analog Input/Slave [FC132] blocks report status only on the first block. This message warns you that testing of the second and third blocks is occurring. This means you will not get a status indication.

Applies to AIS/FBS: Analog Input/Slave [FC132] blocks.

When multiple blocks are attached together in sequence, the outputs of the earlier blocks are incorporated into the later ones. This means that the earlier blocks need not also be attached to the use of the last block in the chain. Because of this, the earlier block is ignored by the use.

Error 174.png

This message shows a potential error in the system configuration, although most such errors prove to be harmless. It should be reviewed and hidden, unless it shows an issue that should be addressed.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.