Unknown shape (not in library) [ERROR 043]

Unknown shape (not in library) [ERROR 043]

Unknown shape MISSING    ignored (not in library SAMPLE.LBR)

This means that a shape was required by a CLD/CAD file, but was not found in the library accessed by the build.

This can result either from:

  • a lost shape
  • a local copy of the user library being needed. Rerunning the Wizard and deselecting the user library specification will take care of this.

In Composer systems, this message can mean that multiple user macro libraries that had evolved under WinCAD were not consolidated when the project was imported into Composer. The information in the CLD files might be misleading or incorrect.

This report gives you a checklist of shapes that are lost.

This message is likely to show an error in the system configuration. It should be reviewed. The issue raised may be in unused logic or graphics, or have other realities that make it a non-issue.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.