Building in 800xA graphics

Building in 800xA graphics

1. Extract your database(s) and 800xA graphics

  • To build 800xA (also known as PPA) graphics into your project, we first recommend you extract a database for 800xA to ensure that the database is as current as the graphics. Then if you plan to include VB .AFW files, create a full system backup of AFW files (if you create system backups regularly, you can use those).
  • If you have PG2 graphics, we recommend using the Assyst tools for extracting those graphics, as we have not yet implemented native support in DBDOC. VB graphics, however, will be extracted directly from the AFW files.

2. Add your database(s) and 800xA graphics types to BuildPlus

Add the extracted database(s), then either the AFW backup folder, or any Assyst-extracted graphics (by default C:\DBDOC\Graphics), or 800xA Display Documentation (.XLS dir) (deprecated method with arrows and numbers) in the System File Specifications window; if this is a new project then the specifications will be the first dialog window opened, otherwise you should restart the build from the Go button or from Build->System File Specifications.

3. Add any other files to the BuildPlus Wizard

Proceed through your build until you reach the configuration wizard, where you will see 800xA graphics already selected, and you may select any other files to be included in the build.

4. Confirm Database-Graphics Associations

These associations may be made automatically by BuildPlus. Otherwise when the dialog to Run Project Options appears, you may choose to edit settings now. In Project Options, navigate to the Database-Graphics Association tab, by clicking the tab or using Alt D. Ensure your graphics are associated with the correct tag database(s).