Interpreting text and symbols on live loop annotations

Interpreting text and symbols on live loop annotations

Simple annotations showing live data

Live loop annotation symbols 1.png

Annotations showing dynamic bars

Live loop annotation symbols 2.png

You can use the Live Data Options For This Block dialog to decide whether you want to show a dynamic bar on any live loop annotation.

Annotations showing live specs

Information-noshadow.png Note: As of DBDOC 11.1, live specs are now shown directly on layered specs, instead of on live loop annotations. For more information, see Enabling fetching and display of live spec values.

Annotations showing module status

Live loop annotation symbols 4.png

Interpreting symbols on live loop annotations

You may see some of the following symbols/data quality indicators in your live loop annotations:

No tool check mark.png Successful data fetch
No tool red x.png Error
No tool star.PNG Bad quality
No tool bell.png Alarm
No tool blue x.PNG Info - the CIUMon that you are using is connected to an SPM, which can only fetch data from the PCU it is connected to. The data you are requesting is from a different PCU.
No tool frowny face.png Blocked - CIUMon is configured to only send data to approved IP addresses. The computer you are currently using is not on the approved list. You will also see "BLOCKED" displayed on the document, if you turn on on-document live data.
H High
L Low
D Deviation
C Calibration
S Service

The colors of the symbols is dimmed for stale data.

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