Too small for short [ERROR 10023]

Too small for short [ERROR 10023]

Too small for short: Module 1,01,02 Block 12345 (FC23 S3) integer value -32768 (real value 1.0)

This message means that a CLD file has a value for a specification that is apparently illegal. We have found this as uncorrected damage from early versions of Composer after the verify with update feature was used.

Most of these messages occur when you switch to Composer version 2.1. They can be ignored for the most part.

--Parsing file E:\PROJECT\ANC_CO~2\EBY0884.CLD...
Block 9399 S1 integer value 65534 (real value 0.000000) too big for short.

From the picture, you can see that somebody must have put 0.0 in S1 of block 9399 (a real number) instead of 0 (an integer). A real number does not have the same structure as an integer, so DBDOC tells you about it. We do not know if it works, but some errors of this type have found actual problems for clients.

No tool error reports 19.jpg

This message is likely to show an error in the system configuration. It should be reviewed. The issue raised may be in unused logic or graphics, or have other realities that make it a non-issue.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.