Clicking on hotspots in the index pane

Clicking on hotspots in the index pane

Overview of index pane hotspots

When you click on a hotspot (hyperlink) in the index pane (the left or top pane in Hyperview), one of two things can happen:

  • If the hotspot is a document title, the document will appear in the content pane.
  • If the hotpsot refers to an index or other special page, that index will appear in either the index or content pane, and you can navigate further from there.

Overview of index pane contents

As the name suggests, the index pane can contain any of a wide variety of indexes automatically generated during the DBDOC build process. The first index you will encounter is the Table of Contents, which provides a top level overview of the contents of your system. From the Table of Contents, you can navigate to many of the other indexes available, as well as to various special pages providing summaries of content. The Table of Contents also contains direct links to every document in the system.

Hyperview indexes and special pages

The project file is comprised of system documents and resources, such as CLD/CAD diagrams and operator graphics, and also summary and index pages of various sorts generated by DBDOC during the build process. These generated index and summary pages are listed below.

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