Discarding description for XRefObjID [CHECK 10030]

Discarding description for XRefObjID [CHECK 10030]

Discarding description XRef Description for XRefObjID 45

This message covers situations where multiple descriptions exist for the same cross-reference element in a Composer project. This is cosmetic in the sense that Composer links source output and the destination input without comment.

For people, however, this situation is a problem. The message means that Automation Architect is capable of linking the two descriptions shown, and does so. If you look at printed sheets, you could not guess this.

Cleaning these out involves finding the two entries in the XRefObjID table in the project.EBP file and deleting one of them.

Just like Composer, DBDOC cannot tell which one to use. We have chosen one description to work with, so we are consistent. The user must decide which is the correct one.

This message shows a potential error in the system configuration, although most such errors prove to be harmless. It should be reviewed and hidden, unless it shows an issue that should be addressed.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.