Bad CAD magic number [INTERNAL 002]

Bad CAD magic number [INTERNAL 002]

Bad CAD magic number: read 0, expected 1

This message means that a CLD or CAD file was found that we cannot process due to a bad internal value we affectionately call a magic number.

Please try to open the file with your Composer or CAD system. If the file seems to be fine, please send it to us for analysis.

This error can be a symptom of a failure in the blue DBDOC dongle, or in its USB port. Simply moving the dongle to another port might make the error disappear, signalling a USB port failure. If another dongle is available, substitute it and try again. If that works, the dongle has failed and will be replaced free of charge. You can ask GMCL for a replacement dongle at any time at no charge (except for courier cost, if you want it quickly).

This message shows an issue that the DBDOC build process did not handle. It can be reported to G. Michaels Consulting Ltd. in case it can be fixed.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.