Importing legacy bookmarks

Importing legacy bookmarks

Information-noshadow.png Note: Now that bookmarks can be shared between users (without importing them), there should be little cause for importing a bookmark file directly. See Sharing bookmarks with other users, which is almost certainly what you really want to do.

The old .bmk bookmark files are no longer created by Hyperview, and will only be found in association with pre-10.6 versions of Hyperview.

To import a legacy .bmk bookmark file:

  1. Locate the other user's bookmark file. The bookmarks are in the <project name>.bmk file.
  2. If necessary, copy the other user's bookmark file to somewhere that the importing user can access it.
  3. In Hyperview, in the Bookmark menu, click Manage. The Manage Bookmarks dialog will open.
  4. Click the Import Bookmarks button.
  5. Navigate to and select the bookmark file being imported.
  6. The Import Bookmarks dialog will appear. Review the Import Summary and details.
  7. Click Import.

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