Deleting selected data from the Watch Window

Deleting selected data from the Watch Window

Information-noshadow.png Note: As of DBDOC 11.4, Watch Window data can no longer be deleted by the user through the Watch Window interface. You can still remove blocks from Watch Window groups. See Managing Watch Window data files and memory use for how to access the underlying datafiles and delete them manually if desired. You may also find it useful to set a start date for the Watch Window data that is shown in the Watch Window (i.e. hide "old" data) -- see Setting a plot display start time.

Information for DBDOC 11.3 and before

Once a section of data is highlighted in the Watch Window with Select Mode Tool ww select mode.png, you can delete that section of data with the Delete Data button Tool ww delete data.png, by selecting File | Delete Selected Data... in the Watch Window menu, or by right-clicking on the selected area and selecting Delete Selected Data... from the popup menu.

To delete data:

  1. Make sure all the blocks with data you want to delete are visible. Hide any blocks that you do not want to delete.
  2. Click the Select Mode toolbar button.
  3. Select data in one of the following ways (see Select Mode for details)
    1. Hold the mouse button while moving over the plot to select a section.
    2. Double-click the plot to select all data from the beginning of the plot to the block you have double-clicked.
  4. Press the Delete Data toolbar button.
  5. You can cancel a delete by clicking on the cancel icon that appears in the block list. No data will be lost if a delete is cancelled in progress. Of course only a delete that takes an appreciable amount of time can be cancelled.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Data deleted from the Watch Window in this manner is completely gone. It is also deleted from the corresponding Watch Window data files on disk. See Managing Watch Window data files and memory use for more information. If you want to remove blocks from the Watch Window without deleting data that has been collected for them, simply delete the block itself from the Watch Window.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Data cannot be deleted simultaneously for the same block in two different Hyperview windows. An error message will appear. Wait for the first delete to complete before attempting the second one.

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