Showing/hiding function code specs

Showing/hiding function code specs

On the View Menu, click Specs. Alternatively, right-click in the content pane and select Specs. Both dropdown menus give the option of Regular, Layered or Off. You can cycle through these options by repeatedly pressing S.

Note that in Layered mode, if you have also enabled Live Specs, live spec values will be fetched and displayed right on the layered spec.

Spec Display Modes

No tool specs menu.png

  • Regular: Displays Specs for a particular block in plain text.

No tool show specs 1.png

  • Layered: Displays Specs for a particular block with a gray background. In layered mode you are also able to drag the Specs anywhere on the drawing.

No tool show specs 2.png

  • Off: Turns the Specs display off.

No tool show specs 3.png

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