Going to the source of a value

Going to the source of a value

The Go To Source feature is a powerful and natural feature that allows you to jump directly to the source of a value in the configuration.

Information-noshadow.png Note: You can Go To Source from either a block hotspot or an input reference hotspot. From an input reference hotspot, Go To Source displays the corresponding output reference on a different CAD/CLD sheet.

There are four ways to use this feature:

  • Double-click on a block input or line on a CAD or CLD diagram, block on a graphic, or any other block hotspot
  • Right-click on a block and choose Go To Source on the pop-up menu HyperView will automatically take you to the source of the input.
  • Click on a block, then click on its source in the Index pane, which is always in red.


  • Click on Go To Source from the Block Menu in the Watch Window.

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