Trend block is wired from constant [COSMETIC 258]

Trend block is wired from constant [COSMETIC 258]

Trend block Module 2,10,31 Block 22544 (3VTTS001-PP) FC 66 is wired from constant block 5 (0.0)

The trend tag identified is wired from a constant block. It might be using processing time in the controller needlessly, as well as possibly being sent to the history system, using data bandwidth and often disk space.

A TREND: Analog Trend [FC66] block records the mean, minimum, maximum, sample, and sum for an input over a given time. This takes processing time, data bandwidth and disk space, to record the trends. When these trend blocks are attached to a constant, all data collected will also be that constant. It is a waste of resources to store this data.

Error 258.png

In the above diagram, not only is a trend block wired to a constant (in this case 0.0),
but three trend blocks are wired to the same constant.

This message shows a cosmetic issue that is probably not an error. It may be used to make the system tidier.

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