Running CIUMon automatically (as a service)

Running CIUMon automatically (as a service)

Running CIUMon as a service ensures that CIUMon will run if the computer is restarted for any reason. It also restarts CIUMon after some errors in some circumstances, and allows CIUMon to run without any user logged in.

Please see Setting up a CIUMon service for instructions on running CIUMon automatically.

Error recovery

If CIUMon is running as a service and it stops without exiting cleanly (ie it crashes), it will be restarted. This should prevent live data from being unavailable, and avoids requiring the administrator. If CIUMon crashes again within 30 seconds, it will not be restarted a second time, as this generally indicates a problem that requires attention. If this happens, please contact GMCL for further assistance.

How to tell if CIUMon is running as a service

If you are running CIUMon as a service, the CIUMon window will not normally be displayed on your computer. However, there are still several techniques that you can use to make sure that CIUMon is running properly.
  • The best way to make sure that a CIUMon service is running properly is by checking if you can access live data in Hyperview. See Live Data Configuration in Hyperview and Displaying Slow Mode live data in Hyperview.
  • You can also use CIUMon Service Controller to check if your CIUMon service is running. Start CIUMon Service Controller and check the Current service state in the list of services.
  • If you have a single CIUMon service, you can use Windows Task Manager to check if it is running. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open Windows Task Manager. Click the Processes tab and look for CIUMON.exe in the list of processes. If CIUMON.exe is not present, then the service is not running.
  • You can temporarily configure a CIUMon service to interact with the desktop so that a window will appear when the service is running. However, in this windowed mode, CIUMon will not start until you log on, and it will stop when you log off. After you are finished troubleshooting, you should turn off this mode so that CIUMon will run even when you are not logged on.

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