Logging with CIULink

Logging with CIULink

In some cases, you may wish to log the responses from the network for the data points you are monitoring for future reference or manipulation in some other application. You can create a log of past responses or log responses as they are received by CIULink.

By selecting Logging then Log Data from the menu you are presented with the following choices:

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Log New Data as It Arrives

This option allows you to log data continually as responses come in until you turn logging off. The Log Data selection in the Logging option on the menu will appear with a check mark beside it to indicate that continuous logging is being performed. To turn this off, just select this option again from the menu; the check mark will disappear and writing to the chosen file will stop.

Log Data Already Collected

Choosing this option allows you to create a log of responses CIULink has received. You can either choose All lines to log all lines that have been collected so far or choose to enter a custom value for the most recent number of lines.

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This will show you the present number of lines available for printing and allow you to enter the number of lines you wish to write to your log; in this case, there have been 1391 responses received by CIULink since monitoring has begun. (Please note that the buffer has a maximum of 10000 lines; any monitoring beyond that will result in the earliest data being lost for logging and display.) Enter the number of lines which you wish to write to the log and click on OK.

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