Learning about this version of DBDOC (BuildPlus)

Learning about this version of DBDOC (BuildPlus)

When contacting GMCL for assistance or upgrades, you may be asked for the versions of your DBDOC components.

Finding the BuildPlus version

On the Help menu, click About BuildPlus.

This displays the current version of BuildPlus as well as the version of the currently installed kit.

BuildPlus version.PNG

Finding DBDOC component versions in the project directory

To quickly find the .TXT file with version information about all DBDOC components, use the Tools menu to Launch Windows Explorer to the project directory and open the file named DBDOC_Components.txt

Creating a file listing all DBDOC components in the Application Data folder

On the Tools menu, click Enumerate DBDOC Components.

This creates text file DBDOC_Components.txt, which lists the versions of all DBDOC programs and any mismatches relative to the kit version of DBDOC installed.

When the file has been created, a message will be displayed in the BuildPlus main window with the file location, for example: The file DBDOC_Components.txt has been created in <C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\ Application Data\GMCL\Projects> for your viewing.

The file location can be displayed later by choosing Help from the main menu and clicking on Display BuildPlus .nod file location.

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