Adapted coordinates out of order [INFO 032]

Adapted coordinates out of order [INFO 032]

Adapted coordinates out of order for F(x) Module 1,01,02 Block 1001

You may want to check that there are base or design values for the parameters of F(X): Function Generator [FC1] blocks that are adapted. If there are, the graph will be meaningful. Also, the order of processing (adapt block before function block) will not be as important.

This is not usually a significant error. We report them for these reasons:

  • They are very hard to find and can be mysterious in operation.
  • By making them visible to you, you can see if the actual implementation makes sense by looking at live data
  • Since DBDOC will graph the function if the X and Y coordinates make sense, this file allows you to go to the work of finding good "design" values of the specifications so that the DBDOC presentation is useful to a user
  • The intent of the adapted function generator should be documented, probably right there on the CLD or CAD sheet
  • There might be an error in that a block number is wrong or was reused, with unintended consequences

This message reports system information that is otherwise difficult or impossible to find.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.