IREF GlobalIRef import mismatch [INFO 10019]

IREF GlobalIRef import mismatch [INFO 10019]

IREF GlobalIRef makes Module 1,01,02 Block 12455 FC 45 import Module 1,01,02 Block 12455 instead of Module 1,01,02 Block 12455

These messages are special. They show that in the CLD file, the input reference text forces the importing of a block that is not the same as what the specifications indicate.

This suggests that nobody checked the block that is being imported, having Composer make the connection to an existing valid external reference.

The only way to check them is to walk through the old and new blocks and see either patterns or reasons for the differences. Here are the four possibilities:

  1. The WinCAD reference was correct, but changed to a correct reference in Composer.
  2. The WinCAD reference was wrong, but the Composer reference using the IREF makes a correct reference, eliminating an error that did exist.
  3. The WinCAD reference was correct, but the Composer reference using the IREF makes an incorrect reference, causing an error that did not exist.
  4. The WinCAD reference and the Composer IREF reference are both wrong, which is not very likely.

Cloning logic in Composer can also cause this message as follows:

  1. Blocks are created without valid reference text, then copied. The specs will be duplicated.
  2. Input reference text is added to the blocks, but the output references to not yet exist. The block numbers remain in the import block specs.
  3. The output references are created, allowing Composer to resolve the links.

In this case, the message tells you that it is possible that the import text is not correct, as it was not entered after the output reference was created.

Removing and reentering the input reference text should make the message disappear.


Parsing file H:\CLIENT~1\BAR\ACTIVE~1\EBY3FF5.CLD...
IREF **1D VVP HP STEAM makes Module 2,20,02 Block 1631 FC 26 import Module 2,53,04 Block 3678
instead of Module 2,53,04 Block 3684.

This Composer diagnostic tells you that the input reference on an import block overrides the specifications in the block that used to be there. As shown here, it can indicate an error. The output reference is wrong.

No tool error reports 73.png

This message reports system information that is otherwise difficult or impossible to find.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.