Graphical Block Map

Graphical Block Map

The Graphical Block Map can be accessed by either:

  • Clicking Block Map in the Module Index, and selecting the block range of interest under the Graphical Block Map heading.
  • Right-clicking on a block, and selecting Go To Block Map. This will automatically take you to the Graphical Block Map Index for the selected Module.
  • In the Watch Window, right-clicking on an item in the Block List and selecting Go To Block Map.

The Graphical Block Map is a graphical overview of block usage, showing configuration aspects and issues at a glance. The blocks are presented as a color-coded table indicating whether each block is used, tagged, has a source, and other similar information. Every block in the Graphical Block Map is linked to its Block Use Index, which lists each place it is referenced in your INFI 90 system.

The Graphical Block Map allows you to see where blocks are available for insertion of a large function code.

No tool block map 1.png

This same selection in Treeview format will look like this:

No tool block map 2.png

Explanation of the Graphical Block Map color legend:

Green block.jpg This block is used.
Purple block.jpg This block does not have a source, but is used somewhere in the system.
Red block.jpg This block is used in configuration but the source does not exist (or has not been built.)
Orange block.jpg The block is used on a graphic, but not sourced in configuration.
Pink block.jpg This block is referenced in a database, but not sourced in configuration.
Blue border.jpg The block is exported, but not tagged.
Black border.jpg The block is tagged and exported.
Red border.jpg The block is tagged but not exception reported.
Yellow block.jpg The block is tagged, but unused.
Unused.jpg The block is completely unused.

Ideally, what you want to see for your blocks is this:

Ideal block.jpg

This block is green with a black border, indicating that it is tagged, exported and used.

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