Cross Reference Window

Cross Reference Window


The Cross-Reference Window displays an index of all the graphics that link to and from the graphic as well as symbols included in the graphic. This tool also shows symbols individually and any graphics that include the symbol. The Cross-Reference Window for a particular graphic provides information similar to the Audit Window except across the whole DBDOC system.

To display the Cross Reference Window while on a graphic:

  • Click the Display Cross References button Tool cross reference.jpg
  • Under the Go menu select Display Cross References
  • Type X on your keyboard

Building symbol cross-references into your project

When building your project, in the BuildPlus Project Options, choose the Advanced Options on the Processing Options page and make sure the Exclude Symbols and Submodels chapters from build is unchecked to get full symbol cross-references built into your project.

Using the Cross-Reference Window

The Cross Reference information is displayed as a separate window, showing the different Graphics Cross References categories. The position and size of the cross-reference window will be retained between runs. The window will remain open while you navigate to different documents until you choose to close it or if you open a different project file.

You can always return to the original graphic referenced in the cross-reference window if you have moved onto different documents by clicking on the “(click here to return)” link at the top of the tree.

Tool cross reference window.png

The Cross-Reference Window makes it easy to accomplish a number of useful tasks.

Basic Use of the Cross-Reference Feature

If you click on the Tool cross reference.jpg button while viewing a graphic, you will see a window something like this:

Tool cross reference page.png

This graphic includes a number of symbols, which can be scrolled through using the arrow keys. The last entry refers to BW_DY_ROLLER_1.M1, which you might recognize as being present in the graphic a couple of times. If you click on the link to this symbol, you would see something like this:

Tool cross reference page 2.png

Here you see the symbol just by itself. If you want to know if other graphics use this symbol, or if this symbol calls other symbols, just push the Tool cross reference.jpg button.

Tool cross reference page 3.png

The rotor symbol only used in the one graphic BFP_3_DRIVES_STATUS_PAGE_1.m1 and is in fact used five times there, scaled appropriately.

Locating graphics not being built but still being linked to

You can locate graphics and symbols which are not built, but still linked to (i.e. the links go nowhere) by looking at the Index of Undefined Tags, and Index of Unconfigured Graphics lists located in the System Information chapter in the Table of Contents.

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