Connecting to RoviSys Turbo with virtual ports

Connecting to RoviSys Turbo with virtual ports

To connect CIUMon to RoviSys Turbo by using RoviSys Turbo virtual ports:

  1. Configure the virtual ports in RoviSys Turbo
  2. Set up CIUMon to connect to the RoviSys Turbo virtual ports

To set up RoviSys Turbo

  1. In RoviSys Turbo, stop the connection to the CIU: on the View menu, clear the Monitor check mark.
  2. Expand CIU in the left-hand pane. Right-click DBDOC, then click Properties.
  3. In the Addressing box, select Virtual port.
  4. In the Port list, select a different port from the one the CIU is using.
  5. Select Read only and Allow R4. Ensure that Prefetch is not selected.
  6. Click OK.
  7. On the File menu, click Save. Then, start the connection to the CIU: on the View menu, click Monitor.

To set up CIUMon

  1. On CIUMon's Options menu, click Settings. Choose a UDP port, and select your CIU type.
  2. Click the Communication Modes tab. Select Connect to RoviSys Turbo and via virtual port connection.
  3. Type the IP address or hostname of the computer running RoviSys Turbo in the RoviSys computer name or IP address box.
  4. If you changed the name of the CIU or DBDOC blocks in RoviSys Turbo's left hand pane, change the Device / MUXCIU block name box to match.
  5. If you know that any of the other settings need to be changed for your setup, change them now. Usually the defaults are fine.
  6. Click OK to close the Options window. Then, make sure you can get data from your CIU.

Information-noshadow.png Note: If the Communication Modes tab does not appear, you may be running CIUMon in relay mode. Load another configuration, and choose (New DCS Configuration) or another configuration that is in DCS mode.